Thursday, October 14, 2010

My first challenge entry!!

I did it!! I entered my first challenge with!! This is officially is SC302.
I made this card with last year's Kaisercraft paper that I had in my stash
(ah stash... ;~)
The challenge is to take a sketch and make a card from it.
Have I mentioned that I really like sketches for scrapbooking?
Well believe it or not, this is my first sketch for cards!
I usually start from scratch with paper I want to use and go from there or
I take a card idea I like and then tweak it to make it my own or
just out and out copy it!! (Not too often and when I do, I try to get permission)
So... this was really fun and I just might have yet another addiction (I was getting low on them, ha).

If you'd like to try this you can find Splitcoast here. If the site seems overwhelming, don't give up!  Give me a shout and I'll help you out
(I'm there for you babe ;~)

In closing, let me leave with this thought:  GO GIANTS!!! Beat Philly!!


  1. Great job on your first SCS challenge!! We are glad that you found FBW also!! Thanks for joining us this week at Flutter By Wednesday!


    Got your back !

  3. Lorelei, I love this card and I know I've got this paper in my stash as well- beautiful!!!! Go Girlfriend Go!!!