Thursday, June 16, 2011

Graduating and taking on a job too!!

There's a new graduate from Hidden Valley High School. Wow did that go fast!
We are all so proud of him!!
Nathan moved to Klamath Falls the weekend after graduation so he could go to work at the YMCA! He is growing up so fast and taking on the world.
Please keep him in your prayers. It seems like a lot of pressure for a young man, living away from home right after high school.

Chris is coming home on leave in 7 days!!! I am so anxious to have my family together again.
I hope you are enjoying good times with those you love, especially as we celebrate fathers this Sunday. What an important role our fathers play in our ability to be independent, responsible, confident citizens and members of our country and our families.
God bless our dads!!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

It's that time...

I remember like it was yesterday when I put my two boys on the bus, Chris going to 2nd grade and Nathan going to his first day of kindergarten. Chris the older and wiser brother taking his little brother under his wing to show him how it's done. Here we are, after a blink and the older brother is in the Navy making a big life for himself, protecting what's near and dear to us all, and the little bro is graduating from High School.

It has all been so wonderful. All the baseball, football and basketball. All the helping in the classrooms of teachers who are now our dear friends. Meeting those who were in the same place all those years ago and who are now, tonight watching their kindergartners graduate from High School.

I wouldn't change a thing. God has been so good to us. This is the place and time He meant for us to be long before we would ever know it ourselves and all is very good.

Nathan is moving to Klamath Falls on Sunday June 12th. He has a job at the YMCA. Is that perfect for him or what? Chris is coming home on leave June 24th and will be here when family and friends come to celebrate Nathan's graduation on July 2nd. Is that perfect or what? We are a blessed family and we look forward to the day when our boys, who went on the bus together to Jerome Prairie Elementary in Grants Pass, OR, come and visit because they love our company and want to be with mom and dad.

Stan and I are going to be just fine. We love all the same things, well maybe he doesn't love scrapbooking, but I love sports. We both love to travel and camp and enjoy our home. Life will be different but we are exactly where we are want to be. God IS good.


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Cards, cards, cards class YEAH!!

Here's a small sample of the  cards that I've made for the card class at Anna Bearden's house on Sat., June 4th. Here's the link if you'd like to join the fun.

The card above would make a great Father's Day card or how about a birthday card for your brother or favorite Son-in Law. (We promise not to tell ;~).

This is probably my favorite card. I love strawberries and these look good enough to eat. There are 10 cards in the class for $20. They are all fun and unique and you'll have a card for all reasons and all seasons!

My next post will share my new favorite new product, Smash Journals by K & Co. Mine will record our adventures as Empty Nesters!

Please pray for Chris.  He has reported for duty to the USS Mahan somewhere out on the open seas!

We are also thankful to Karyn and her daughter, Amanda, for giving Nathan a job at the YMCA in Klamath Falls, Oregon. He is going to attend OIT in the fall and so a job is a VERY good thing. He'll be moving on June 12th. I can already hear the echo!

Love and may you be richly blessed,