Thursday, June 16, 2011

Graduating and taking on a job too!!

There's a new graduate from Hidden Valley High School. Wow did that go fast!
We are all so proud of him!!
Nathan moved to Klamath Falls the weekend after graduation so he could go to work at the YMCA! He is growing up so fast and taking on the world.
Please keep him in your prayers. It seems like a lot of pressure for a young man, living away from home right after high school.

Chris is coming home on leave in 7 days!!! I am so anxious to have my family together again.
I hope you are enjoying good times with those you love, especially as we celebrate fathers this Sunday. What an important role our fathers play in our ability to be independent, responsible, confident citizens and members of our country and our families.
God bless our dads!!

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  1. lorelei you have to be so proud!!
    they are so handsome!!