Friday, January 20, 2012

2 Books Down and 3 Cards to Share

Hi there, I am happy to report that out of the 20 books I signed up to read, I've finished two. Last night I finished Sea Swept by Nora Roberts. It's part of a 4 book series.

A well respected professor and father dies when his car hits a pole and has left a foster son for his three already grown foster sons to care for. Cam is the oldest and has been racing cars in Europe. Ethan is a fisherman and the quiet one and Philip is in advertising in the big city. There is a romance between Cam and the social worker Anna. You get to know the character of all 3 men and the clumsy way they care for their new 10 year old brother. The next book will be going a little deeper into these relationships. I recommend this book it's got a great story-line. This is one of my off the shelf books.

When I'm not reading, I'm making cards!! I love my life! The card above was inspired by Jennifer McGuire's latest card class, Clean & Simple cards. I made it for a woman at the church who is ailing.
This bamboo card was inspired by a card pack I picked up because I love the design and loved the colors. I think it came out pretty good, don't you?

This card is a favorite of mine and easier to make than it looks. It needs a sentiment but I couldn't let that keep me from sharing it with you.

That's all for today. May God richly bless you,

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  1. I love all three of these cards!!! Beautiful!!!