Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Novel Challenges - Another Reading Challenge

The new year is here and, as I shared in an earlier post, I've signed up for some reading challenges. Today I signed up for a challenge that will count the books I read in the other challenges! So it's an additional motivation to read which is my other favorite pastime. The challenge is also listed at and is called Off the Shelf. The idea for the challenge is to read books that you have on your shelf; the ones you've been going to read but somehow get sidetracked and buy more. This challenge is perfect for me as I might be a little impulsive. ;-) So the books that have been hanging around the shelves are:

4 Books by Debbie Macomber
Glad Tidings (I'm on the 2nd story in this book) 50 Harbor Street, 6 Rainier Drive and 74 Seaside Ave. all by Debbie Macomber and the last 4 fullfill part of the Finishing the Series Reading challenge as well. I will have to get 5 more books to finish the Cedar Cove series. They won't count for Off the Shelf.
The other books I'll read for the "Finish the Series" are a Janet Evanovich Series and I only have Fearless 14 on the shelf so I'll have to add 4 books to complete that challenge.

My last series will be the Chesapeake Bay Saga by Nora Roberts. There are 4 books in this series. I have them on the shelf! (yay)

The next challenge is Southern Literature and for this challenge I'll read King's Oak by Anne River Siddons, and Bright Captivity by Eugenia Price. Both books take place in Georgia. These will also add 2 more books to my Books Off the Shelf series.

For the European Reading Challenge I will read Emma (England )by Jane Austin and also Lost Dogs and Lonely Hearts (Scotland) by Lucy Dillon for 2 more books.
Finally, all of these books qualify for the Just for Fun Challege on Goodreads of a book a month!!

So total books for Off the Shelf will be 13 books and completing the Finish the Series challenge will add another 9 books!! Can I do it?

I hope you are just a bit inspired to do more reading this year and how about challenging yourself and count the books you read just for a little fun. Follow me and we'll challenge each other!

Blessings on you in the New Year!!
(I'll be the one with the light on)


  1. Lorelei: Thanks for signing up for the European Reading Challenge! Welcome!

  2. I joined the European Reading Challenge as well and I'm browsing a little through the participant's list. I'm so interested to see what everybody's is reading for the challenge! You already choose the books and I'm already looking forward to learn what are your thoughts about them. So I will be back for more :)