Friday, October 7, 2011

Organization - That is the Key!! (or a key anyway)

I have been involved in the long process of organizing my studio. This organizational project has been ongoing and may not be done yet. I may never be done. You see, I'm always looking for ways to make distractions minimal. I will accomplish this goal if I have everything close at hand. Close isn't actually a very difficult prospect as the area I have to work is very small at 9 x 11! I have 4 bookshelves that are a huge help to me and I actually scrapbook on a small 4' plastic table! (I'm looking to change that soon.) So I want to share some parts of the process that are working very well for me.
This is not an original idea. I found this idea somewhere, on a blog or in a magazine. It is  the BEST way to store punches. This is a shoe organizer that I hung on the inside of the closet door. I can see EVERY punch I have instantly! "But I don't have that many punches," you say. Think about the possibility of this working for inks, stamps, embellishments!! I think it is a fabulous storage device.
Next I wanted to share my organization on the shelves. I wanted to have the studio be an ultra enjoyable place where I would want to spend LOTS of time. My husband and I love to travel so that theme seemed like the easiest to go with. There are lots of items that support the travel theme at Ross, Fred Meyer, Craft Warehouse, all around!! So in the hat box is my Cuttle Bug dies and embossing folders, the Paris suitcase holds all of my flowers and related ephermera. The shelf above that is for displaying mini albums I've made and the shelf above that is for my inks and applicators. My inks fit VERY nicely in another suitcase box I picked up at Michaels.
When I look around the studio, I love that my tools, papers and embellishments are nice and tucked away and look tidy. This has helped my productivity and my sense of creativity. I have freedom to be make cards and pages because there is no time wasted looking for what I need. 

I hope this has inspired you to:
1. Set aside a space to create (when the boys little I used a space in the living room!)
2. Pick a theme to work with so that you can have a decorative space as well as functional.
3. Work with your space and arrange your supplies so that you can be your most efficient self.
4. Put things away when you finishe using them. This accomplishes two very obvious outcomes; First you can find what you are looking and second your space looks inviting for you to come back to.
You will be more creative when the space you create in is inviting.


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