Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Wellness Continued

I am still enjoying my wellness journey! I have been eating really well and exercising almost every day. I am pretending that I'm in boot camp with my son Chris! He doesn't get any breaks and he can't quit so neither can I. Talk about motivation. I think it's the best!

Please forgive the long absence from posting here. It is because of Chris going into boot camp in Great Lakes, IL this month that I have been otherwise occupied. We had an Anchor's Aweigh party for him a few Saturdays ago and that took planning and execution. It was all so worth it though, because we all had such a great time. He invited the folks from our church and the young people he has been with in the DEP (delayed entry) program and those that helped him make his decision to go into the Navy. There were a few family members here also.

 Since he has gone into boot camp I have been very distracted by the Navy for Moms web-site where there are other moms with young people that went to boot camp on the same day as Chris, and I have even found one mom whose son has been assigned to the same ship and division!! Chris's recruiter texted yesterday with the ship and division information. That was when I shed my first tears and almost lost it. I have been very strong so far because this is the very best thing for Chris and he is in good hands. But, the ship and the division numbers are a small thread of connection, the only one right now, that I have to Chris and it means the world at this point! I still need to receive his clothes that he wore to boot camp, his cell phone, etc. to arrive from Federal Express, along with a form letter that will have the graduation date and his official address. He can't call or write to us for 3 weeks (1 down, 2 to go).

I have been concerned about our wellness throughout all of this personal drama, though, and I want to encourage you to exercise together with me using either the plan as it is taught on Big Picture Classes (, or on your own. I have been getting great information from The Biggest Loser - 6 Weeks to a Healthier You a great book which has eating plans, exercises and recipes that are very good. I like that program on TV a lot too.

Wellness doesn't just doesn't include the physical body, though. Wellness also includes our spirit and our mind. I want to nudge you to make time for devotion and prayer, and also to find ways to grow mentally. If you are not of the Christian faith, then find time to meditate and get your spiritual house in order. This is vitally important to your sense of well being and to overall wellness. There are many studies available to prove this point. Almost as important is challenging yourself mentally. Don't be satisfied with what you already know, make a commitment to learn about something you've wondered about. Hey, how about learning about places to travel or better yet, how about scrapbooking and card making!! Hmmm, how did this wellness conversation work around into scrapbooking? Oh well. It just so happens that I'm teaching a card class this Saturday, January 29, at Anna's 659-1097). Here's just a sample of one of the 10 cards we'll be making for $20.

Blessings and take good care of you,

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