Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A Happy Accident

I have been in a slump creatively lately and I shared this with my friend Melissa. Somehow in her browsings she found the perfect thing to add the bit of inspiration that I needed to make the card above work, when it was really not working for me. It started out as a wedding congrats card, made to have the bling be on the top left side. Sitting next to the card was my baby picture that I'd just brought home from the store I work at. Somehow that picture and the card got together and the baby announcement was born! I left out the year I was born in the announcement, and voila, I have been reborn. Oh, I made up my middle name too (hee hee)! My creativity now knows no bounds.
The site Mel shared with me can be found at
I hope you check it out, it's great inspiration for those times in life when we aren't quite on our game. Thanks, Mel, you're pretty awesome.

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  1. Can't even tell you how many times you have inspired me with your amazing talents both in art and also with your enthusiasm for others and their creativity. You are such a beautiful blessing- and I love your new
    middle name!!! (giggle) Mel